Carnival List

Uncover the magic of West Indian and Brazilian carnivals! Find key dates, vibrant details about each country’s unique celebrations, must-see attractions, top events, prime accommodations, and so much more.

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Carnival Dates by Country

January Montserrat
January Saint Kitts
January Turks and Caicos Islands
January Saint Croix
February Bonaire
February Brazil – Rio de Janeiro
February Brazil – Recife, Pernambuco
February Brazil – Salvador, Bahia
February Curaçao
February Dominica
February Dominican Republic
February French Guiana
February Carriacou
February Guadeloupe
February Guyana – Mashramani
February Haiti
February Martinique
February Puerto Rico
February Saint-Barthélemy
February Saint-Martin
February Trinidad
February France – Paris
February France – Montpellier Carnaval
February France – French West Indies
February USA – Austin, Texas
February USA – Madison, Wisconsin
April Virgin Gorda
April Jamaica
May Bahamas
May Cayman Islands
May Guyana – Carnival
May Sint Maarten
May Saint Thomas
May Germany – Berlin
May UK – Preston
May USA – Atlanta Georgia
May USA – Orlando, Florida
May USA – San Francisco
June Bermuda
June Canada – Ottawa
June France – Antillais de Colombes
June UK – Birmingham
June UK – Bristol
June USA – Los Angeles, California
June USA – New Orleans, Louisiana
June USA – Philadelphia
June USA – Tampa, Florida
June USA – Washington, D.C.
June USA – South Carolina
July Cuba
July Saint Lucia
July Saint Vincent
July Saint John
July Canada – Montreal
July Canada – Toronto Carnival
July France – Tropical de Paris
July The Netherlands – Rotterdam
July UK – Derby
July USA – Baltimore, Maryland
July USA – Houston, Texas
July USA – Jersey City, New Jersey
July USA – Minneapolis, Minnesota
July USA – Norfolk, Virginia
August Anguilla
August Antigua
August Aruba
August Barbados
August Tortola
August Canada – Caribana
August Cuba
August Grenada
August Saba
August Nevis
August Saint Eustatius
August Canada – Calgary
August Canada – Edmonton
August Canada – Lethbridge
August UK – Leicester
August UK – London
August UK – Leeds
August UK – Manchester
August UK – Nottingham
August USA – Boston, Mass
August USA – Hartford, Connectuit
August USA – North Carolina
August USA – Seattle, Washington
August USA – Tacoma, Washington
August USA – Worcester, Mass
September Belize
September USA – Austin, Texas
September USA – Cambridge, Mass
September USA – Chicago, Illinois
September USA – Long Island, New York
September USA – New York, New York
October Tobago
October USA – Dallas Carnival
October USA – Miami Broward
October USA – Las Vegas, Nevada
November USA – New Orleans, Louisiana