20 popular soca songs in Trinidad

  1. Mind My Business by Patrice Roberts & Kes the Band – A collaborative hit that showcases the duo’s energetic vocals and catchy hooks.
  2. Liki Tiki by Kes the Band with J. Perry of Haiti – A fusion of soca and Haitian kompa, creating a unique and infectious rhythm.
  3. Sweet Soca Music by Sugar Daddy – A classic soca anthem that celebrates the genre and its vibrant energy.
  4. Carnival Tabanca by Bunji Garlin – A high-energy song that captures the excitement and longing for Carnival celebrations.
  5. Follow The Leader by Nigel & Marvin – A fun, upbeat track that encourages listeners to let loose and follow the rhythm.
  6. Roll It Gal by Alison Hinds – A female empowerment anthem that promotes confidence and independence.
  7. Tempted To Touch by Rupee – A sensual, slow-burning track that showcases Rupee’s smooth vocals.
  8. Differentology by Bunji Garlin – A critically acclaimed song that blends soca with electronic elements, creating a unique sound.
  9. Turn Me On by Kevin Lyttle – A catchy, upbeat track that showcases Lyttle’s soulful vocals.
  10. Who Let the Dogs Out by The Baha Men – A worldwide hit that became a cultural phenomenon, featuring a catchy chorus and energetic beats.
  11. Hot Hot Hot by Arrow/Buster Poindexter – A classic soca cover that brings a new level of energy and excitement.
  12. The Island by Patrice Roberts – A beautiful, melodic song that celebrates the beauty of Trinidad and Tobago.
  13. Wotless by Kes The Band – A soulful, mid-tempo track that showcases the band’s versatility.
  14. Too Real by Kerwin Du Bois – A heartfelt, emotional song that showcases Du Bois’ powerful vocals.
  15. Advantage by Machel Montano – A high-energy song that features Montano’s signature rapid-fire vocals.
  16. Soca Kingdom by Machel Montano – A celebratory anthem that declares the power and unity of the soca community.
  17. Mr. Fete by Machel Montano – A fun, upbeat track that showcases Montano’s playful side.
  18. Hello by Kes The Band – A catchy, energetic song that features a memorable chorus.
  19. Stage Gone Bad by Kes The Band – A high-energy track that captures the band’s live performance energy.
  20. Sokah by Nailah Blackman – A fusion of soca and electronic elements, creating a unique and infectious sound.

Each of these songs represents a unique aspect of soca music, from the energetic and upbeat to the soulful and melodic. They showcase the diversity and creativity of Trinidadian artists and the soca genre as a whole.

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